Indian Air Force Salary, IAF Pilot Salaries and Allowances, IAF Force Salary Slip

Indian Air Force Salary, IAF Pilot Salaries and Allowances, IAF Force Salary Slip, Airforce Group Y Salary

“The Indian Air Force that is one among the 3 major wings of the ‘Indian Armed Forces’ (the other 2 being army and navy) was incorporated in 1932 on eighth October. The first task of the IAF is to defend the Indian airspace. This article throw light on Indian Air Force salary. Scroll down for description their salary”

The IAF has played a stellar role in defending the country against external aggression since its beginning and had participated actively within the conflicts India had with Pakistan and one with China. The IAF in conjunction with all its auxiliary units conjointly extends thorough help throughout natural calamities and disasters. Go through the article for more information regarding Indian Air Force Officer Salary.

NDA Air Force Salary:

IAF has approximate active personnel strength of 1, 27,000 and a fleet of 1,499 aircrafts. Working for the IAF isn’t solely a matter of status and honour however one also can look forward to earning a high wage throughout his or her career together with many perks and allowances.

One of the attractive parts except patriotism, honor and passion is the salary structure of the IAF which attracts the youth towards IAF. All of the candidates who need to join Indian Air Force ought to aware of all details like What is Indian Air Force Salary? Indian Air Force Salary for Engineers? & also What is Indian Air Force Pilot Salary, Airmen in Indian Air Force Salary Etc.


Indian Air Force Pay Band:

Grade Pay-Scale Band Grade Pay Pay-Scale Median Scale
Flying Officer PB-III 5400 15,600-39,100 6000
Flight Lieutenant PB-III 5100 15,600-39,100 6000
Squadron Leader PB-III 6600 15,600-39,100 6000
Wing Commander PB-IV 7600 37,400-67,000 6000
Group Captain PB-IV 8700 37,400-67,000 6000
Air Vice Marshal PB-IV 10000 37,400-67,000 6000
Air Commodore PB-IV 8900 37,400-67,000 6000
Air Marshal PB-IV 12000 37,400-67,000 6000
Chief of Commands Apex Band NA 80,000 INR NA
Air Force Chief Apex Band NA 90,000 INR NA

Indian Air Force Salary

Newly Joining Flying Officer/Pilot Pay Scale Structure:

Indian Air Force Salary Per Month are as follows:

Grade Pay 5,400 INR per month
Pay Band (universal for all branches) 15,600 INR per month
Dearness Allowance calculated @ of 80% of Gross Emoluments 21,600 INR per month
Military Service Pay 6,000 INR per month
Kit Maintenance Allowance 500 INR per month
Transport Allowance 3200 INR per month (in key metros) and 1600 INR per month (in rest of the towns and cities)
Flying Allowance (for flying branch officers) 11,250 INR per month
Technical Allowance (for technical branch officers) 2,500 per month

IAF Pilots Gross Salary Per Month:

The salary within the 1st month for Flying Officers classified below the various branches are as follows.

Branch Average Salary In Lakhs INR
Indian Air Force Ground Duty Branch Salary Rs.54,860
Indian Air Force Technical Branch Salary Rs.57,360
Indian Air Force Flying Branch Salary Rs.66,110

Indian Air Force Ranks and Salary:

The Indian Air Force Ranks Salary are as follows:

Air Commodore & Beyond 13,125 INR per month
Group Captain 17,500 INR per month
Wing Commander 17,500 INR per month
Squadron Leader 17,500 INR per month
Flight Lieutenant 13,750 INR per month
Flying Officer 11,250 INR per month

Salaries According to Job Position:

Job Position           Average Salary In Lakhs INR
Technician Salary 25,840 INR per month
Air Force Pilot Salary 82,000 INR per month
Airman Salary 33,850 INR per month
Senior NCO Salary 47,337 INR per month
Mechanical Transport Operator Salary 4,00,500 INR (per annum)
Administrator Salary 4,53,400 INR (per annum)
Administrative Officer Salary 10,28,000 INR (per annum)
Logistician Salary 28,000 INR per month
Police Salary 40,000 INR per month

IAF Salary in Terms of Experience:

Years Of Experience Average Salary In Lakhs INR
5-9 years 8,95,050 INR
10-19 years 7,80,000 INR
20 years and above 6,30,000 IN

Air Force Civilians Salary & Allowances:

Indian Air Force Salary and benefits are as follows:

Pay Scale Pay Band Grade Pay Corresponding Pay Bands
S01 1S 1300 4440-7440
S02 1S 1400 4440-7440
S2A 1S 1600 4440-7440
S03 1S 1650 4440-7440
S04 PB1 1800 5200-20200
S05 PB1 1900 5200-20200
S06 PB1 2000 5200-20200
S07 PB1 2400 5200-20200
S08 PB1 2800 5200-20200
S09 PB2 4200 9300-34800
S10 PB2 4200 9300-34800
S12 PB2 4200 9300-34800
S11 PB2 4200 9300-34800
S13 PB2 4600 9300-34800
S14 PB2 4800 9300-34800
S15 PB2 5400 9300-34800
GPA PB3 5400 15600-39100
S19 PB3 6600 15600-39100
S21 PB3 7600 15600-39100
S24 PB4 8700 37400-67000
S26 PB4 8900 37400-67000

House Rent Allowance (HRA):

Class Of City Rate
X 30% Of Pay In Band+Grade Pay+NPA
Y 20% Of Pay In Band+Grade Pay+NPA
Z 10% Of Pay In Band+Grade Pay+NPA

Transport Allowance:

Grade Pay Below Rs. 4200 But Pay
In Pay Band Is 7440 And Above Also Rs. 1600 + DA On TPTRs. 800 + DA On TPT

Class In A1 & A Earlier Other Class
Grade Pay Of 5400 & Above
# Grade Pay Of Rs.4200,4600 & 4800
Rs.3200 + DA On TPT Rs. 1600 + DA On TPT
Grade Pay Below Rs. 4200 And Pay
In Pay Band Below Rs.7440.
Rs. 600 + DA On TPT Rs. 400 + DA On TPT

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