CTET Teachers Salary, CTET Pay Scale for Primary & Secondary

CTET Teachers Salary, CTET Pay Scale for Primary & Secondary

CTET Teachers Salary: Central Teacher Eligibility test could be a typical choice exam for entering into “Teaching jobs” in Indian Government faculties. Focal Teacher Eligibility exam is directed to decide on best and effective instructors for the primary and Elementary level categories in an exceedingly portion of the non-public and all Government colleges of India. Most famous Central Government colleges like Kendriya Vidyala, Union Territory colleges like Chandigarh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Central Tibetian colleges and unaided non-public colleges choose their instructors on the premise of their execution in CTET.

What is the Salary of CTET Teachers?

A central eligibility test for academics is conducted to select the simplest and most effective lecturers for elementary and elementary categories in some non-public faculties and all government faculties in India. the foremost known central government faculties like Kendriya Vidyalaya, faculties within the territory of the union like Chandigarh, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, central Tibetan faculties and private colleges without management to decide on their academics based on their performance in ESTA .

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is accountable for organizing and conducting the examination. He conjointly aforementioned that anyone desire to enter the “education” profession ought to attend this examination because it could be an excellent chance. Not like the central government of Republic of India, the authorities lead TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) for the position of academics jobs in government colleges.

Difference Between TET VS CTET:

About TET:

TET stands for proof of eligibility for academics, that may be a review by every government for the effective teaching position for college kids in elementary and secondary faculties.

About CTET:

CTET stands for “Master Proof of Central Eligibility” that is directed by the central government that permits designated candidates to be eligible for the teaching position for primary and secondary school students.

CTET Teachers Salary


Some Details on Hike of CTET Teachers Salary:

There is an entire of regarding 17,000 guest lecturers teaching students in government schools. Out of them, there are two thousand non-CTET. “Government has approved substantial hike in salaries of seventeen thousand guest lecturers. we’ve got collectively approved eight contributive leaves for those lecturers those who have cleared CTET. They’ll presently get fastened pay scale every month,” Kejriwal said

The Delhi Chief Minister said that government will send a file regarding the cabinet decision to Lt Governor Najeeb Jung for his nod and if he approves, from next month, all guest lecturers will get raised salaries.

At present, the government pays all guest lecturers on daily wages yet as CTET and non-CTET lecturers. Assistant Primary lecturers (CTET), people who presently get Rs 700 remuneration per day and Rs seventeen thousand five hundred monthly, will receive Rs thirty-three thousand two hundred whereas TGTs people who presently receive Rs twenty thousand will presently get Rs thirty-three thousand one hundred and twenty.

Similarly, PGTs will receive payment of Rs 34,100 monthly against Rs 22,500.

Assistant lecturers, people who are non-CTET, will get Rs 25,000 that’s presently Rs 17,500 and TGT, people who presently receives Rs 20,000, will get Rs 26,500. “As per rules, fixed salaries can alone incline to CTET lecturers. However, government has put together increased salaries of non-CTET lecturers.

CTET Teachers Salary after 7th Pay Commission for Primary & Secondary:

Primary Teachers Salary after 7th Pay Commission:

SR.NOPRT Teacher Salary DetailPRT Teacher Salary Structure
1Pay Scale9,300-34,800
2Grade pay4200
3Basic Salary13500
4Index = Basic *2.62 (According to 7th pay commission)35400
5House Rent Allowance (20% of Basic)2700
6Transport Allowance1600
7Total Approximate Gross Salary39700
8Total Approximate Net Salary35000 to 37000

Trained Graduate Teachers Salary after 7th Pay Commission:

SR.NOTGT Teacher Salary DetailTGT Teacher Salary Structure
1Pay Scale9,300-34,800
2Grade pay4600
3Basic Salary17140
4Index = Basic *2.6244900
5House Rent Allowance3400
6Transport Allowance1600
7Total Approximate Gross Salary49900
8Total Approximate Net Salary43000 to 46000

Post Graduate Teachers Salary after 7th Pay Commission:

SR.NOPGT Teacher Salary DetailPGT Teacher Salary Structure
1Pay Scale9,300-34,800
2Grade pay4800
3Basic Salary18150
4Index = Basic *2.6247600
5House Rent Allowance3700
6Transport Allowance1600
7Total Approximate Gross Salary52900
8Total Approximate Net Salary46000 to 48000


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