Indian Army Salary, Army Rank & Salary Structure, Monthly Salary of Indian Army

Indian Army Salary, Army Rank & Salary Structure, Monthly Salary of Indian Army, Perks & Allowances

Indian Army Salary: The Indian Army includes the biggest constituent of the Indian armed forces. The origin of the Indian Army may be derived back to the period when India was beneath colonial rule. The Indian Army when 1st incorporated, was known as the ‘British Indian Army’. With India changing into independent on fifteenth August, 1947, it absolutely was rechristened as the ‘Indian Army’.

The different regiments and units of the army have participated in several wars and battles everywhere the globe since its beginning. The Indian Army took part in various campaigns within the 2 World Wars and compete a stellar role in Indo-Pak wars in 1947, 1965, and 1971 and Indo-China war in 1962.

Indian Army Soldier Salary:

The Indian Army with over 1,000,000 active regiments and over nine lakhs reserve troops is one among the largest standing armies worldwide. However the various personnel serving the Indian Army despite providing selfless service continue to draw salaries that make it terribly difficult for them to form ends meet and keep themselves active enough.

All of the candidates who needs to join Indian Army should aware of all details like How much salary does Indian Army get? & What is Indian Army Salary? & also What is Indian Army Para Commando Salary, Indian Army Chief Salary Etc.

Indian Army Salary Structure List:

GradeGrade PayMilitary Service PayPay Scale
Indian Army Lieutenant Salary5400600015,600 – 39,100
Indian Army Captain Salary5700600015,600 – 39,100
Indian Army Major Salary5700600015,600 – 39,100
Indian Army Lt. Colonel Salary5700600015,600 – 39,100
Indian Army Colonel Salary5700600015,600 – 39,100
Indian Army Brigadier Salary5700600015,600 – 39,100
Indian Army Major General Salary9000Nil39,200 – 67,000
Indian Army Lt General /Hag Scale11000Nil39,200 – 67,000
Indian Army Vice Chiefs SalaryNilNil80000
Indian Army Service Chiefs SalaryNilNil90000

Military Service Pay (MSP) Salary of Indian Army Officers After 7th Pay Commission:

Nursing Officers420010800
Service Officers600015500
Non Combatants (Enrolled) in the Air Force10003600


Indian Army Ranks and Salary:

The salary structure isn’t a complex factor to understand that almost all folks thought. This may be simply done.
Gross Salary is the figure that you’ll get as wage per month is gross salary.
Gross Salary = Grade Pay + Basic Pay + Monthly Allowances

The pay of a Government employee (more specifically Central Government) is comprised of varied components i.e. house rent allowance and different miscellaneous allowances, basic pay, grade pay, dearness allowance,

Grade Pay: It’s an quantity that is paid by Government to the Indian Army employee that depends on classes, pay band (Level) of employee. The Grade pay is calculated on the Position of an employ Seventh Pay Commission.

Basic Pay: It’s the total of Grade Pay & Pay Band. Basic Pay equals to Grade Pay and Pay Band. Below we have provide Indian Army Salary Slip Rank Wise.


Indian Army Salary by Rank:

PostGrade Pay Pay ScaleArmy Service PayTotal Cash (Salary)
Sepoy 18005200-20200200025,000
Lance Naik 20005200-20200200030,000
Naik 24005200-20200200035,000
Havaldar 28005200-20200200040,000
Naib Subedar 42009300-34800200045,000
Subedar 46009300-34800200050,000
Subedar Major 48009300-34800200065,000
Lieutenant 540015600-39100600068,000
Captain 610015600-39100600075,000
Major 660015600-3910060001,00,000
Lieutenant Colonel 800037400-6700060001,12,000
Colonel 870037400-6700060001,30,000
Brigadier 890037400-670006000
Major General 10,00037400-67000 – –
Lieutenant General –37400-67000 – –

Indian Army GD Salary:

If you’ve got a burning desire to aspire Indian Army job & serve your country with one among the foremost respectable jobs of the country, then you’ve got come to the proper place to urge additional motivation. To join the good organization, you must check all the aspects before making a call. There are several reasons wherever Indian Army is the best career possibility. However before you jump within the competition, you must have data of all the aspects that are helpful to urge a much better placement from so many posts like Indian Army Medical Corps Salary, Army GD Etc.

Monthly Salary of Indian Army:

Army Officer : Monthly80,951
Army Officer1,167,615
Engineer : Monthly35,110
Military : Monthly75,198
Officer : Monthly95,769
Military : Monthly36K-112K
Joint Director1,453K – 1,840K
Communication : Monthly12K – 18K
Captain (Adjutant)750K – 1,174K
Doctor761K – 1,204K
Project Management : Monthly34K – 36K
Solder : Monthly34K – 37K
Army Captain : Monthly86K-92K
Army Captain1,368K – 1,475K
Security Analyst429K -466K
Major – Monthly67K – 73K
OLIVEGREENER – Monthly123K -134K
Electrical Engineer953K -1,035K
Captain (Adjutant) – Monthly80K -88K

Indian Army Allowances and Pay for Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR):

PositionPay BandGrade PayArmy Service PayGroup (X)Pay
Nb Sub9300-34800420020001400
Sub Major9300-34800480020001400

Pay Scale by Job Category:

Job CategoryAverage Salary
Primary School Teacher (Army School)Rs. 1 lakh to 2.4 lakh
Physician/ AnesthetistRs. 6 lakh to 24 lakh
General PhysicianRs. 3.1 lakh to 9.25 lakh
Registered NurseRs. 1 lakh to 1.5

Pay Scale in Different Cantonments:

Years WiseAverage Salary In Lakhs
0-1 yearRs. 1,59,190 -10,50,000
1-4 yearsRs. 6,00,010 – 24,00,000
5-9 yearsRs. 3,70,971 – 58,17,500
10-19 yearsRs. 605,050 – 20,76,000
20 years and moreRs. 8,68,900 -10,80,010

Pay Scale in Terms of Skill:

Skill Or SpecialtyAverage Annual Salary
Emergency RoomRs. 9.6 Lakh
AnesthesiaRs. 9.07 Lakh
Emergency MedicineRs. 10.2 Lakh
Intensive Care UnitRs. 3 Lakh

Pay Scale According to Industry:

Industry NameAverage Annual Salary
Military/Armed ForcesRs. 7.8 Lakh
GovernmentRs. 6.3 Lakh
National DefenceRs. 8.7 Lakh
HealthcareRs. 9.3 Lakh
HospitalRs. 9 Lakh

Pay Scale According to Educational Certification:

Educational CertificationAverage Annual Salary
MBBS (Anesthesiology)Rs. 9.2 Lakh To 19.2 Lakh
Doctor Of MedicineRs. 7.03 Lakh To 16.5 Lakh

Pay Scale According to Incentive/Perk:

Benefit/IncentiveAverage Annual Salary
Paid Medical LeaveRs. 6.6 Lakh To 16.8 Lakh

Pay Scale According to Employment Status:

Employment StatusAverage Annual Salary
PermanentRs. 1.85 Lakh

Indian Army Officers Allowances:

AllowancesTo Whom ApplicableRates
High Altitude/Uncongenial Climate SiachenOfficers Posted in High Altitude/Uncongenial Climate Officers Posted in Siachen11200/-14000/-PM
Highly active Field Area Allowance Field Area Allowance Modified Field Area AllowanceOfficer Posted at Highly Active Field Area Officer Posted at Field Area Officer Posted at Modified Field Area6780/-PM4200/-PM1600/-PM
Hard Area AllowanceOfficers Posted in Hard Area6750/- PM (25% of Basic Pay
Transport AllowanceAll OfficersRs. 3200/-+DA PM in A1/A cities and Rs 1600/-+DA PM at other places
House Rent AllowanceTo Officers not provided Govt. Accommodation10-30% of Basic Pay (Pay Band + Grade Pay + MSP)
Kit Maint AllowanceAll Officers400/- PM
Uniform Allowance (Outfit Allowance)All OfficersInitial 14000/- and 3000/- every Three Years

Other Perks while in service:

Group insurance
Free medical facilities for self and family
Free ration
Furnished govt. Accomodation at best location
Canteen facilities
Mess / club / sports facilities
60 days annual leave
20 days casual leave
Leave encashment up to 300 days
Pension with all benefits

Benefits after Retirement:

Pension at 50% of Last Pay Drawn
Death Cum Retirement Gratuity
Free Medical Treatment for self and Dependants
Canteen Facilities as Before
Insurance Cover
Resettlement Opportunities
MBA Programme for Retired Officers

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