Pilot Salary, Salary of Pilot in India, Commercial Pilot Salary, Airline Pilot Salary

Pilot Salary, Salary of Pilot in India, Commercial Pilot Salary, Airline Pilot Salary

“Exciting and sky touching career of pilot even have sky high salary. This article provides an overview of Indian Pilot Salary with a lot of focus on their salary difference arises in an industry with totally different expertise level, city and certification.”

One of the foremost exciting professions to be a part of, salaries might not be the most important concern for people looking forward to the joys of flying as a pilot. However as a thoroughgoing skilled you ought to remember of the current trends of pay within the industry, simply so as to consolidate your position in a very career so rigorously etched out by you. All the candidates who desires to become pilot ought to aware of all details like What is the Salary of a Pilot? What is Airline Pilot Salary? Pilot Salary in India & also Commercial Pilot Salary Etc.

Salary of Commercial Pilot in India:

Most of the time, commercial pilots work for airlines. They need to make sure that flight operations are conducted in an exceedingly safe and efficient manner. They need to initiate preflight planning by analyzing the weather and checking aircraft performance. They need to be competent. They need to go with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations at all times. They need to additionally follow their company’s safety tips and procedures. they need to check that they operate the aeroplane in accordance with the operations manual. They need to be reliable. They need to follow standard operative Procedures (SOPs). They’ll be needed to be involved in flight safety investigations.

Salary Range Based on various Type of Aircraft / Officer Rank:

Airbus A-300/ A-310/ A-320Rs.225,000 – 300,000Rs.90,000 – 150,000Rs.350,000 – 600,000
Cargo International/DomesticRs.175,000 – 400,000Rs.80,000 – 200,000Rs.300,000 – 600,000
Airbus A-340Rs.250,000 – 325,000Rs.100,000 – 180,000Rs.400,000 – 650,000
Boeing 737-900Rs.225,000 – 350,000Rs.100,000 – 210,000Rs.400,000 – 650,000
Courier FlightRs.90,000 – 150,000Rs.200,000 – 325,000
Private/ VIP AircraftRs.100,000 – 150,000
Private Air TaxiRs.100,000 – 150,000

Note: The above wage ranges are base salaries for the necessary fifty hours/month flight, however after they do flight up to ninety hours per month their remuneration goes up by up to 50% over the above figures.

Pilot Salary

Average Salary of Pilot based on Experience:

Experience during this trade plays a vital role in determinant your future- not only in terms of learning however also the type of remuneration you’ll be able to expect:

ExperienceAverage Salaries ( Per Month)
Less than a yearRs.60,000 – 130,000
1-4 yearsRs.100,000 – 300,000
5-9 yearsRs.250,000 – 450,000
10-19 yearsRs.400,000 – 700,000
More than 20 yearsRs.500,000 – 1,000,000

Pilot Salary in India per Month Based on Certification or Training:

Job CategoryIndustryMonthly Salary Range
Commercial PilotCommercial AviationRs.300,000 to Rs.1,000,000
Private PilotPrivate Flight/Air TaxiRs.150,000 to Rs.300,000

Note: For admission in any coaching course you need to a minimum of pass out your + 2 examinations. Then PAT or Pilot aptitude test, an interview and fitness test are all conducted in ordered order before admission to decent coaching courses.


Pilot salaries vary according the kind of aircraft that they’re flying and how long they’ve been at an airline. The median annual earnings for the pilot of an oversized jet is an impressive $121,408. For a small jet, the median annual earnings is $104,219. There is different Salary for pilot of different companies like Salary of Air India Pilot, Indigo Pilot Salary, Spicejet Pilot Salary, Jet Airways Pilot Salary, Emirates Pilot Salary, Salary of Pilot in Jet Airways, Air India Pilot Salary, Indigo Cadet Pilot Salary Etc.

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