Ration Money Allowances Eligibility & Rules in 7th Pay Commission

Ration Money Allowances Eligibility & Rules in 7th Pay Commission

Ration Money Allowances: Ration money allowances is a quantity of cash that’s paid to the personnel and officers operating in defense forces. Ration money is being paid to any or all those personnel beneath Defence forces, Delhi police, CAPF, IB and others those who are denote in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

What is Ration Money Allowances?

RMA may be a special allowance that’s given to those officers those who don’t eat the force mess. This specific type of money is taken into account as the ration or meal allowances for the officers those who are announce in hardship areas or principally don’t take dine in the official mess.

Ration Money Allowances Eligibility:

As aforesaid it’s given to the officers below Defence Forces those who are announce in Andaman and Nicobar Island. Additionally those that don’t seem to be eating within the official defence mess.
Hardship places wherever organization officers, CAPF, Delhi Police, A&N, and Indian Reserve Battalion Officers are posted or operating are eligible to urge ration money allowances.
No free ration are provided to the officers those who are eligible for ration money Allowances.

The ration money are directly attributable to their bank account on monthly basis.
Non-gazetted officers likewise as gazetted officers below numerous organization also will be eligible for the allowances. The quantity of allowances for the gazetted officer is not up to the non-gazetted officers.
Ration money Allowances are paid once officers are inactive. Thirty days full leave, twenty days leave and if on casual leave, then solely the allowances are granted.

Rules of Ration Money Allowances:

If the govt. or ministry is did not provide the ration food to the place wherever the officers are denote or the space of ration shop to the residence / living space of the officer is quite 3.2 kms. Then officers will draw ration money.
If the officers are traveling on duty or for the other official work, then rather than having food they will draw ration money allowances. Conjointly if the officer is unable to require the ability of rationing because of incapacity or physical problems then he/she will draw ration money allowances.

Ration Money Allowances for CAPF Forces:

For the Central Armed Police Forces, the non-gazetted officers draw Rs. 95.52/- per day per head because the ration money allowances. On the opposite, the gazetted officers draw Rs 79.93/- per day per head for a similar. In step with 7th CPC, the amount of gazetted officer for the allowances was asked to boost for the CAPF and others. But it doesn’t happen.

Ration money Allowance for Paramilitary Forces:

The Ration Money Allowance for the paramilitary forces is Rs. 95/- per day per head. The quantity was same before the revision of the allowances for defence forces within the year 2017. There’s no increase within the amount of their allowances.

Compare to US paramilitary those who are presently drawing $200 per month Republic of Indian soldiers aren’t getting even a portion of food assignation money in India.

Ration Money Allowance for Army Officers:

Ra. 95.52/- per head per day is that the ration money allowances granted for the Indian Army officers when the 7th CPC revision occurred in 2017. The revised allowances are applicable from first of July 2017. The ration money allowances are attributable to their bank accounts whoever are unable to urge free ration from their mess.

After the revised allowances beneath 7th CPC is finally declared by the cabinet, it’s set that no free ration of food are distributed however RMA are provided to any or all the eligible officers and personnel.

Army Pay Scale Slip Pension General, general officer, Major general, Brigadier, Colonel, light colonel, Major, Captain, Lieutenant beneath seventh Pay Commission.

Ration Money Allowances Arrears:

The Ration money allowances are set and revised by the defence and home ministry of Republic of India. After seventh CPC the cabinet declared the ultimate rates of the allowances. It’s still a similar because it was in earlier time. In step with the cabinet ministry the Ration money Arrears are paid in step with the new rule and eligibility and can be attributable to the bank account of the personnel directly.


Ration Money Allowance in 7th CPC:

After 7th CPC final reports it’s set that the Ration money Allowances won’t be interrupted. Although the CAPF and also the alternative personnel had suggested increasing the allowance for the gazetted officers however this didn’t happen. After 7th CPC there’ll not be any free ration to the officers those who are eligible for Ration cash Allowances. The quantity are directly attributable to the bank account of the officers.

Also the advice aforementioned that it should be exempted from the taxation slabs. but in step with the seventh CPC new revised report the planning commission didn’t flip it down from the IT slabs. It’s aforementioned by the authority that food allowances or cash associated with ration facility should not be added beneath the taxation slab.

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