Salary of Indian President & Vice President

Salary of Indian President & Vice President, What is the Salary of the President of India?

Salary of Indian President & Vice President: The President is additionally the supreme commander of all the 3 defense force — the military, Air Force, and Navy.
However, the President’s current regular payment was less than the chiefs of the 3 defense force, those who draw a salary similar to the cabinet secretary.

What is the Salary of the President of India?

The salaries of the President and also the vice president are raised to Rs five lakh and Rs four lakh per month severallyduring a exceeding rectification of an anomaly.
Announcing the hike in their salaries in his Budget speech, minister of finance Arun Jaitley said the emoluments of the President, the vice president and also the Governors were last revised with impact from January one, 2006.
“These emoluments are projected to be revised to Rs five lakh for the President, Rs four lakh for the vice president and to Rs 3.5 lakh per month for the Governors,” he said, amidst thumping of table by the members within the Lok Sabha.
As of now, the President gets Rs 1.50 lakh per month, the vice president Rs 1.25 lakh and a Governor of a state Rs 1.10 lakh.

Till now, the President, the vice president and also the Governors continued to urge less salaries as compared to the highest bureaucrats and service chiefs since the laws weren’t amended to rectify an anomaly with the implementation of the seventh Pay Commission’s recommendations 2 years ago.
After the implementation of the seventh Pay Commission’s awards on January one, 2016, the Cabinet Secretary, who is that the top-most official within the country, gets Rs 2.5 lakh per month and a Secretary within the Union government attracts Rs 2.25 lakh per month.

Allowances, Perks & Other Benefits:

Apart from the salaryeach the Vice-President and also the President have access to various allowances and perks likewiseAs an exampleit’s the responsibility of the central financial department to produce each the President and also the Vice-President with a further grant of Rs.60, 000. The amount are going to be given to the President and also the Vice-President for the whole year. It’ll be used for meeting the expenses of the office.

When talking regarding the perks, they’re going to get their own security and peon throughout the term. They’re going to get an expensive house and also the price of travel throughout their office tenure likewise as the once retiring from the post. they’re going to be given a mobile phone and also the bill are going to be paid by the govtaside from this, they’re going to have access to free broadband and web links.

In case the President passes away, his or her spouse equivalent can get the advantage of living in an exceedingly house that comes with the total decoration. The spouses will still get pleasure from the services of security guards, associated employees members and labourerThey’re going to additionally get the advantages of using the official automobile, traveling services and telephone connection.


Details of the Pension for President & Vice President:

Once the President and also the Vice-President finishes their tenure and leave the workplacethey’re going to be entitled to urge a handsome pension on a monthly basis.
It has been highlighted within the bill that both the previous Presidents and also the former Vice-Presidents are going to be entitles to urge a pension that’s five hundredth of what their monthly salary was.
Thus, any Former Presidents of the nation can draw a pension that amounts to Rs. 75,000
In case of the previous Vice-Presidents, the central government can give them with a pension that amounts to Rs. 62, 500.

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