Salary of President of India, Salary of Vice President of India

Salary of President of India, Salary of Vice President of India, President of India Pay Scale

Salary of President of India: The President of the Republic of India is that the head of state of India and therefore the commander-in-chief of the Indian defense force. The President is indirectly elective by an body comprising the Parliament of Republic of India (both houses) and therefore the Legislative Assemblies of every of India’s states and territories, those who themselves are all directly elective.

What is the Salary of President of India?

The President of Republic of India holds the very best office within the land and is that the supreme commander of the defence forces within the country. He lives in a very sprawling palace, the Rashtrapati Bhavan, and is enclosed by a gathering of employees. However have you ever ever puzzled what’s the salary that the President of India commands? What are the perks that he enjoys? Here’s his earnings and a listing of all the advantages that he gets whereas in office and thenceforth.

Current Salary of President of India: The President is presently paid Rs 1,50,000 a month that was planned to be hiked to Rs 5,00,000 a month. The file is presently with the PMO awaiting approval.

President of India Salary, Perks & Allowances:

Residence Palace for President of India:

The President lives in Rashtrapati Bhavan which is the largest presidential palace within the world. The palace covers five acres, has a locality of 19,000 sq. metres and is a component of a 330-acre estate within the heart of the capital. He contains a assistant staff of 5 individuals and another two hundred people used for the maintenance of Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Holiday Retreats for President of India:

The President has 2 equally lavish vacation retreats. One is that the Rashtrapati Nilayam in Hyderabad and also the different is that the Retreat Building in Shimla.

Travelling Style for President of India:

The President travels with a procession of twenty-five cars. The vehicle of selection for President Pranab Mukherjee was an extended and armoured Mercedes-Benz S600. Except that, he’s in the middle of the President’s presidential bodyguard. It includes eighty-six presidential guards mounted on brilliant horses. The President and also the partner can travel anywhere within the world free of price.

Maintenance Budget for President of India:

The President is assigned a maintenance budget of up to Rs thirty crore for the maintenance of his palace. he’s conjointly assigned a private budget by the govt to handle all the expenses of the President done in his official capability, which has largely each piece of business, visits, hosting events, guests, state leaders etc. The daily expenses of the President are coated during this budget.


What are the Post-Retirement Benefits for President of India?

As per current rules, the President receives a monthly pension of Rs 75,000 once retiring. The President is given a Type-VIII rent free furnished cottage to remain. This can be the largest and best accommodation provided by the govt. of Republic of India to anyone except the incumbent president and prime minister.

The President is additionally given 2 landlines and a mobile phone–all bills paid by the govt. 5 personal employees, together with a non-public secretary, are assigned to him.

The perks embody a free official car at the side of Rs 60,000 as employees expense. The President is additionally given 250 liters of free fuel a month. If they prefer to use their personal vehicle for commute rather than the official automobile, the govt. additionally offers the wage of the driver to the President.

Even once retirement, travel air and train is free for the President and one person related to him/her.

President of India Salary & Salary of Vice President of India:

The Pay Scale of the President of India and the Vice President of India have been an increment to five lakh and four lakh rupees per month in a rectification of an anomaly. As of now the President of India gets One lakh fifty thousand per month and the Vice President of India gets One lakh twenty-five thousand.

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