SBI Clerk Salary, Bank Clerk Salary in Hand after Revision

SBI Clerk Salary, SBI Clerk Latest Salary Structure, Bank Clerk Salary in Hand after Revision

SBI Clerk Salary: State Bank of India (SBI) goes to publish recruitment notification for SBI clerk officer exam each year. An oversized range of candidates applying for it. SBI Clerk Examination is that the second top demanding vacancy in India. In uppermost of SBI Examination nowadays here, we are talking concerning the most recent “SBI Clerk salary” structure and its allowances, benefits, SBI Clerk Pay Scale, increments, facilities details etc.

All of the candidates who needs to become a Clerk Officer in SBI Bank should aware of all details like How much salary does SBI Clerk get? & What is SBI Clerk Wages after revision? & also What is SBI Clerk Career Growth Opportunities?

What is the SBI Clerk Salary?

Whether the person may be a clerk in SBI or at the other bank, he/she plays a similar role in each establishments as a part of their jobs and duties. Due to massive extension of SBI in each corner of India places, there’s plenty of pressure on SBI clerk staff.

But this is often additionally a prestige feeling in itself as a result of it enhances and enriches the SBI clerk salary and perks of person day-wise so increasing their overall personality, dignity, and standard of living. From the terribly starting, once the SBI came into existence, there’s an awfully positive remark and powerful goodwill hallmark within the minds of Indian citizens.

This is because it has provided its non-stop and quick services to its customers covering each rural and urban cities of India the folks feel proud for being the a part of SBI as a result of it not only adds perfume in their dignity job however additionally enhance their personality and overall living standard.

SBI Clerk Salary Structure:

SBI Senior Assistant SalaryRs.31253.00 – 105447
SBI Assistant Salary (Non-Bank)Rs.21991.00 – 77557.00
SBI Assistant Salary (Banking)Rs.17020 – 133260
SBI Clerk Probation Period SalaryRs.18579 – 75914
SBI Computer Operator SalaryRs.32252 – 75040
SBI Customer Care Assistant SalaryRs.14476 – 84186
SBI Godown Keeper SalaryRs.39574 – 71193
RK/RK cum Cashier SalaryRs.29602 – 99513
SBI Senior Stenographer SalaryRs.48502 – 81052
Spl RK/RK CashierRs.56113 – 132678
SBI Spl Stenographer SalaryRs.21152 – 106208
SBI Spl Assistant (Non-Bank)Rs.53873 – 137095
Spl Assistant (Banking)Rs.58782 – 190654
Sr Assistant (Nonbank)Rs.41123 – 107603
Sr Assistant (Banking)Rs.34377 – 165693

What is SBI Clerk Gross Salary?

The SBI Clerk gross wage is the overall package which every employee verbs to each asking candidates. It doesn’t include any deductions for taxes or Provident Funds or additional expenses. It’s earned by the employee on a monthly or yearly basis. In SBI bank, the gross pay of sbi clerk or say, junior clerk associate is Rs.20000.


What is Basic Salary of SBI Clerk?

This wage is fixed, core and a basic one for each employee within the same cadre. This pay is necessary to be given to every same category employee, although he/she has not performed smart in business, or achieved bonus or any promotions. This is often the virtually fixed quantity that is fixed by the recognized organizations. In step with the bank, SBI Clerk Basic pay is Rs.7200.

What is Cash in Hand Salary of SBI Clerk?

As the name indicates, this salary is the amount that is handed to the employee in his/her hand by the employer after deducting it’s all associated and expected deductions, most probably like provident fund and alternative varied taxes. SBI clerk cash in hand pay is around RS 19000 on an average as their take-home pay.

Leave policy:

The leave policy of SBI is extremely attractive. It provides thirty three days privilege leave and twelve days casual leaves to staff. The pregnant ladies have the advantage to stay on leave for two years. Single parent or aged folks can even take sabbatical for two years. These maternal or paternal leave is exclusive to casual and privilege leaves severally. If the employee desires to not take privilege leaves then, in this case, he/she will convert their range of leaves in cash.

Travel policy:

The bank conjointly offers its staff the travel opportunity together with guest houses, vacation homes as an entire package. These clerks are offered to travel major cities or tourist places in India itself.

Medical advantage:

100% medical advantages are offered to SBI staff. Not this solely, their family is additionally provided the advantage of 75th medical compensation just in case of any injury, sickness, or hospitalization.

Reliable Interest Rates:

The staff have the advantage on behalf of SBI to require over any giant asset like car, home or any reasonably loan at terribly cheap interest rates.

Dearness Allowance:

“DA” stands for Dearness Allowance. It’s the a part of wage package that is fixed to fulfill the requirements for value of living of the worker. Presently, it’s 109% of basic pay however it’s going to vary in step with the location of the employee.

House Rent Allowance (HRA):

House Rent Allowance is given to solely those employees who haven’t their homes or accommodation facility at their location of operating. There’s a criterion of providing ten HRA of Basic pay or Rs.800 to clerks within the preamble of SBI. The persons owning their own house are exempted from these advantages. The people who are working in busy and expensive cities like Mumbai are given additional HRA than that of alternative cities employees.

Salary of SBI Clerk:

Basic PayRs.11765/-
Special AllowanceRs.911.79/-
CCARs. 0/-
Transport AllowanceRs.425/-
Total (without HRA)Rs.18413.37/-
Gross with HRARs.19589.87/-

Salary of SBI Clerk after Revision:

All bank employee is looking forward to sbi clerk wage increment. Approx 20% – 30% growth are going to be expected in basic wage. Check SBI Clerk Salary after Eleventh Bipartite Wage Settlement.

On the off probability that The Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) concur for 20% increment, Final Basic Pay are going to be Rs.15, 374. On these lines, you’ll get add up to 38.80% of DA and HRA on Basic Pay. On these lines, add up to Gross wage of Bank fresher Clerk are going to be Rs.21, 339/ – (Worst possible Scenario)

In the event that IBA concurs for twenty fifth addition, Final Basic Pay are going to be Rs.16,015. So, add up to Gross wage of Bank fresher Clerk are going to be Rs.22,228/ – (Somewhat Good). On the off probability that IBA concurs for 30% addition, Final Basic Pay are going to be Rs.16, 655. During this method, add up to Gross wage of Bank fresher Clerk are going to be Rs. 23,117/ – (Good Settlement).

SBI Clerk Salary after Pay Revision:

Increment (%)Basic PayTotal Gross Salary


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