Teachers Salary in India, Salary of Teachers based on Experience, Degree, Cities & Gender

Teachers Salary in India, Salary of Teachers based on Experience, Degree, Cities & Gender

Teachers Salary in India: Provides help to room teacher in getting ready lesson plans and instructing students. Evaluates and monitors student’s performance. Could need an academic degree in area of specialty and 0to2 years of experience within the field or in a connected space. Aware of customary ideas, practices, and procedures inside a selected field. depends on restricted experience and judgment to arrange and attain goals. Performs a range of tasks. Works underneath general supervision generally reports to the principal. a definite degree of creative thinking and latitude is needed.

What is the Teachers Salary in India?

Usually teachers’ salaries in private faculties vary consequently with the dimensions and name of the varsity or organization itself. However, here we’ve tried to produce you the approximate Teachers Salary in India pocketed by lecturers of High faculties and primary faculties according to a number of things like work experience, degree, certification etc.

Experience Teachers Salary:

CategoryExperienceAverage Annual Salary
Primary School TeacherAround a yearRs 59,516 to RS. 232,699
1 to 4 yearsRS. 70,181 to RS. 279,774
5 to 9 yearsRS. 82,851 to RS. 297,988
10 to 19 yearsRS. 78,292 to RS. 360,000
20 years and aboveRS. 180,000 to RS. 268,584
High School TeacherAround a yearRS. 66,000 to RS. 368,671
1 to 4 yearsRS. 86,121 to RS. 384,303
5 to 9 yearsRS. 77,167 to RS. 398,656
10 to 19 yearsRS. 120,000 to RS. 494,484
20 years and aboveRS. 174,445 to RS. 760,256

Degree Based Salary of Teachers:

Prepares lesson plans and instructs adults in occupation ability. Evaluates and monitors students performance. Might need a bachelor’s degree in area of specialty and 2to4 years of expertise within the field or in a connected space. Aware of normal ideas, practices, and procedures inside a specific field. Depends on restricted expertise and judgment to set up and achieve goals. Performs a range of tasks. Works below general supervision & generally reports to the principal. A definite degree of creative thinking and latitude is needed.

Note: Median base earnings figures represent lecturers with fifteen years of expertise. Moreover, normal geographic adjustments used may not absolutely replicate regional variations in pay.

A budding teacher must script his or her career, relying principally on educational credentials as everything ranging from admission in BEd courses to obtain an opportunity to show in colleges and also the sequent salaries are influenced by acquired certification or degrees

Salaries of Teachers Based on Certification:

CategoryDegree Or CertificationAverage Annual Salary
Primary School TeacherBachelor’s degreeRS. 69,996 to RS. 289,617
Bilingual educationRS. 108,000 to RS. 192,000
Teacher CertificationRS. 71,353 to RS. 300,607
Middle Teacher Certification (Grade 5 to 9)RS. 103,846 to RS. 174,000
Elementary Teacher Certification (Grade 1to5)RS. 72,877 to RS. 301,362
Secondary Teacher Certification (Grade 9 to12)RS. 78,000 to RS. 232,258
High School TeacherMaster of Arts, EconomicsRS. 117,916 to RS. 308,368
Bachelor of Education, BedRS. 86,555 to RS. 1,616,179
Master of Science, MathematicsRS. 98,959 to RS. 317,418
Bachelor’s DegreeRS. 94,020 to RS. 596,993
Bachelor of Education or Bed, EnglishRS. 93,000 to RS. 330,000
Master of Arts or MA, EnglishRS. 60,820 to RS. 363,650
Bilingual educationRS. 68,008 to RS. 930,797
Teacher CertificationRS. 71,952 to RS. 471,049
Middle Teacher Certification (Grade 5to9)RS. 93,653 to RS. 294,408
Elementary Teacher Certification (Grade 1to5)RS. 48,656 to RS. 295,898
Secondary Teacher Certification (Grade 9to12)RS. 93,483 to RS. 473,976
MRT or Master Reading Teacher CertificationRS. 73,533 to RS.  447,399

Salary of Teachers Based on Different Cities:

The salary structures are given differently in alternative cities in order to cover the cost of daily living:

CategoryCitiesAverage Annual Salary
Primary School TeacherKolkataRS. 48,322 to RS. 147,681
BengaluruRS. 112,101 to RS. 208,553
MumbaiRS. 84,000 to RS. 310,106
HyderabadRS. 72,240 to RS. 206,084
ChennaiRS. 82,541 to RS. 180,000
PuneRS. 79,354 to RS. 181,514
High School TeacherKolkataRS. 66,000 to RS. 393,054
BengaluruRS. 91,519 to RS. 425,921
MumbaiRS. 119,358 to RS. 618,252
ChennaiRS. 100,000 to RS. 336,720
PuneRS. 98,142 to RS. 346,873
HyderabadRS. 82,541 to RS. 366,251

Teachers Salaries Based on Gender

The gender-based salaries of high school and primary school teachers are paid around something like this:

CategoryGenderAverage Annual Salary
Primary School TeacherFemaleRS. 61,723 to RS. 263,816
MaleRS. 144,643 to RS. 181,514
High School TeacherFemaleRS. 95,168 to RS. 386,671
MaleRS. 74,696 to RS. 528,506


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